Missing players in the players list

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Missing players in the players list

Post by tdishman » Wed May 19, 2004 5:24 am

I have recieved a few emails about missing players or players assigned to the wrong team in the Master Draft players list.

Later in the offseason the players list will be updated with an up-to-date player list. Between free agency, trades, and rookie signings it is very difficult to keep the player list current during this part of the offseason. It would also be confusing for you guys if there was a new release every time a player switched teams.

Once the June 1st NFL deadline has passed, rosters will become much more solidified. At that point the players list included in Master Draft will be updated. If you start to customize your leagues in Master Draft before that time, you will be able to "fix" your players list (without overwriting any of the information you've customized) by importing/updating from one of the updated Master Draft league templates.

I will provide detailed instructions on updating your leagues when that time comes.

Don't forget that in the meantime you can manually add missing players using the "New Player" button on the Available Players List toolbar. You can also import missing players from an Excel spreadsheet (see the help file for more instructions on importing from Excel).

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