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Tips & Tricks - The Players List

Post by tdishman » Wed May 19, 2004 9:25 am

Tips & Tricks - The Players List

This is probably the single best feature of Master Draft. The Players List shows you all the players that have not yet been drafted. You can use the Players List to quickly locate a player than another owner has drafted, or research the players you are thinking of drafting.

Filtering the Players List

Below the column headers there is a blank row. This is the filter row. You can type text into any cell of the filter row and the list will be narrowed to only rows that match the text you entered. For example, you can type "john" (without the quotation marks) in the filter cell of the Name column. Any player with the word "john" in their name (first or last name) will be displayed, and all others will be hidden. This is a very quick way to find a player that another owner drafted.

But, filtering goes well beyond the simple example above. You can filter multiple columns at the same time to create a compound filter. For example, you can search for "john" in the Name column, and then also search for "RB" in the Position column. Any players with "john" in their name that are running backs will be listed.

Some columns have built-in filters that you can switch between instead of having to type them in. The Position and Team column filters both have a drop-down arrow that lets you quickly filter by position or team, respectively.

When you are done filtering, you can click the "Reset" button (left-most button on the Players List toolbar) to clear all filters and show all available players. By default, the filter will be reset any time you draft a player (since you are usually using the filter to find a player to draft, it saves you the step of clearing the filter manually each time).

Best Players

A cool feature of the Players List is the Best Players split. When the "Best" button is depressed, the Best Players split is displayed above the Players List. The Best Players split always shows you the best available player for each position (by points). You can draft players from the Best Players split the same way you would from the Players List (drag-and-drop, right-click, or double-click if the program options are setup for it).

The Player Highlighter

On the Players List toolbar there is a button with a yellow highlighter on it. When this button is depressed, the cursor over the Players List will change to a pencil. When you click on a player with this cursor, that player will be highlighted in yellow (both in the Players List and the Best Players list). In the past, I have found this useful when you want to quickly notate which players you are considering with your upcoming pick. Once your pick comes up, you can quickly browse the Players List to see those players that you highlighted. Highlighted players will remain highlighted until you click on them with the highlighter button depressed.

Suppressing Players By Position

Often times certain positions are rarely drafted until the later rounds of a draft (kickers and team defenses in particular). Until those later rounds come, these positions are just dead weight in the Players List. You can use the "Hide Positions" button to instruct Master Draft to hide certain positions until later in the draft.

For example, if your draft is 15 rounds long, and you wouldn't expect a kicker to be drafted before the 10th round, you could click the "Hide Positions" button and choose to hide all kickers until round 10. When round 10 comes up, all the kickers will magically re-appear in the Players List. Until round 10, however, they will be hidden and will not clutter your Players List.

When you have positions hidden, you can quickly show them by un-clicking the "Hide Positions" button (when you hide positions the button will be depressed).

Player Notes

When a player has a note, there will be a small note icon next to that player's name in the Players List. If you hover over the name the player note will display below the cursor. If the player has a team or team-position note, there will be a note icon next to the player's team or position. In these cases, you can over over the team or position to view the corresponding note.

Player Flags

You can set up flags that can be assigned to players (League->Options and Settings, Player Flags tab). For example, one flag might be an "Injured" flag that you color-code red. Any player that you consider to be injured would be assigned the "Injured" flag (on the player profile). In the Players List, all of your "Injured" players would have their Flags column highlighted in red.

When a player has one or more flags assigned, you can hover over the flags column for that player and the flags that are set will be displayed below the cursor.

Player Targets

You can assign a target pick to each player. This target pick is the pick number (i.e. 2.03) where you feel the player is a good value. When the current pick of the draft is in the same round as an available player's target pick, there will be a yellow exclamation next to the target pick. When the current pick of the draft is greater than the player's target pick, there will be a green exclamation next to the target pick.

When you assign target picks, you can quickly scan the Players List to find players that are "good values" based on your target pick and the current pick of the draft.

Average Draft Picks

Typically you would use the Average Draft Pick values for players to hold information about where that player is typically drafted. As the draft progresses, players that are still available after their average draft pick value will be noted in the Players List with a checkmark next to the average draft pick value.

Editing the Players List like a spreadsheet

If you maximize the Players List, you will be able to edit the player values much like a spreadsheet. Often times this is a quicker method of editing than opening each player profile individually and making the necessary changes. Keep in mind that even in "edit" mode the Players List will only display the columns you've selected. You can show/hide additional colums by clicking the "Columns" button in the Players List toolbar.

Right-Clicking on Players in the Players List

Many of the actions available for players in the Players List can be exposed by right-clicking on a player. By right-clicking on a player you can do the following:

Open the player profile
Draft the player to the current pick
Draft the player to any pick (you will be prompted for the pick #)
Add the player to the Player Comparison
Open the player's team profile
Add a new player to the Players List
Delete the selected player


I encourage you to play with each of these features before you go to your draft. While few people end up utilizing every feature, there are bound to be some that are very useful to you.

I also encourage you to post your own comments and suggestions about the Players List for others to learn from.

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