Tips & Tricks - The Basics

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Tips & Tricks - The Basics

Post by tdishman » Wed May 19, 2004 10:20 am

Tips & Tricks - The Basics

Many of you may be wondering what Master Draft is, and what can it do for you.

Using Master Draft is like having a fleet of assistants during your draft (it can't fetch you another beer, but I'm working on that!). If you were anything like me, you might have required an actual fleet of assistants to drag all your draft prep materials to your draft (depth charts, cheatsheets, injury reports, schedules, magazines, mock drafts, etc.). Master Draft lets you organize all of your draft day information into one very slick computer program. Not only does it organize your data, but it also lets you track the draft as it happens, and helps you to make critical player selections.

How does it work?

Before your draft, you collect all the information you want to have available during your draft. You also set up the draft board (and you can make it VERY complex if you need to). During your draft, you use Master Draft to keep track of which players are drafted and which are not. When your pick comes up, you can then use the information you've already gathered to analyze the available players and choose the best one for your team.

In addition to just organizing the information you collect, Master Draft also has a wide variety of tools that help you analyze and compare different players. You can compare 2 or more players side-by-side to compare their height, weight, experience, and more. You can project what players will be taken by the time your next pick comes around, which can help you decide which player will be the best pick right now. You can study the other owners to see what positions they are lacking to help you predict which players they might select.

How does it store my leagues?

Each of your leagues is stored in separate league files (.mlg). This is very beneficial because each of your leagues can remain independant of your other leagues with it's own set of owners, roster limits, starter requirements, and even player lists. If you have several leagues where the only differences are the owners, you can simply make copies of one league, then open the copies and change the owners.

When you create a new league in Master Draft, you choose a league template (which are really just .mlg files in a special Templates folder) to base your league on. Master Draft comes with several different league templates to support various league sizes and starter requirements. You can add your own league templates by simply copying one of your leagues into the special Templates folder.

Why should I consider using Master Draft?

Admittedly, Master Draft is not for everyone. If you are satisfied with lackluster draft performance, then Master Draft is not for you! :D

Many leagues have a time limit associated with each pick. In many leagues that limit is around 2 minutes. Think of all the things that you would like to do but can't in those 2 minutes. With Master Draft I can quickly:

Isolate the best available player at each position
See who I have already drafted
Compare the players I am considering
Project what players will be available when my next pick comes up
Check Bye-week conflicts on my roster
Closely monitor how much of my 2 minutes are remaining
Check to see if the players I'm considering are on par with their average draft position
Take a drink and eat a few nacho chips 8)
Much more

Where do I start?

If you are a premium package subscriber (Pro Bowl or Super Bowl), log in to your premium account and you will see the link to download the Master Draft premium setup package. Otherwise, click here for instructions on downloading the free demo.

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