FAQ - Applying the license key

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FAQ - Applying the license key

Post by tdishman » Mon May 24, 2004 1:32 pm

I've had a few questions about the license key:

Q. I've downloaded Master Draft from the premium subscribers area. Do I still need to apply the license key?

A. Yes

All versions of Master Draft require the license key to be applied once to remove the demo restrictions. The version that you download from the premium subscribers area also includes a pre-release version of the Masters List.

By purchasing Master Draft (or a subscription package that includes Master Draft), you are entitled to the license key that "unlocks" the software. If your premium subscription includes Master Draft, you will find the license key in the instructions that accompany the download link in your premium subscription area.

Q. I've entered the license key into Master Draft, but it did not work. What am I doing wrong?

A. When you type or copy the license key into the appropriate box, the Apply button will be enabled once the correct key is detected. If the key is off by even 1 letter, the Apply button will remain disabled.

If you are entering or copying the license key and the Apply button isn't becoming enabled, please check the following:

1) Make sure you haven't entered or copied any leading or trailing spaces with the license key. If you use your mouse to copy the license key from one window to another, be sure that you didn't drag too far (grabbing extra white space after the key). You can put the cursor at the beginning and end of the license key box to make sure there are no extra spaces.

2) Make sure the key matches exactly. If you are typing the key in, be sure that you're using 0 (zero) instead of O ("oh") where applicable. To be absolutely sure you're using the correct key, I recommend that you copy the key from it's source and paste it into the license key box.

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