Release Notes - Master Draft 2004 version 1.02

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Release Notes - Master Draft 2004 version 1.02

Post by tdishman » Mon Jun 14, 2004 7:50 am

Release Notes for Master Draft 2004 version 1.02 (coming soon)

1. You can use the up/down arrows and the Enter key to draft players in the Available Players Window. So, if you filter down to 3 or 4 names, you can arrow down to the correct one, and hit the Enter key to draft the player.

2. Fixed a bug in the Average Draft Information module. Some of the players were being returned from with their middle initial as part of their first name, which would not match any player in the players list (such as Jamal L. Lewis or Rudi A. Johnson). The module now detects and removes the middle initial, allowing a correct match to be found.

3. Fixed a bug that improperly saved Owner notes with line breaks in them.

4. Draft Notes were added. This lets you make notes about the draft, round-by-round. You can fill in notes before the draft to make general observations about draft tendancies for your league. You can also keep notes during the draft to review afterwards. Draft Notes are accessible in the Draft Status window.

5. Open and Save As dialog boxes now default to the Leagues folder, instead of the Master Draft 2004 folder. Ideally leagues should be stored here anyway, so starting there for these operations only made sense.

6. Fixed a bug in the Hide Positions dialog (see Available Players Window) where if you clicked OK before saving your changes in the grid (by choosing a different cell or hitting Enter) the changes you made weren't applied.

7. Added the ability to reference other files in league files. This allows the templates to reference a common player list, which will make updating players much easier.

8. Saving functions now check and warn if you are saving over an existing file (Save As, new league).

9. League files are slimmer than before since only values that are different from the default value are saved.

10. Added link to support forums in the help file (see Technical Support).

11. Added Import button to main toolbar.

12. The Import From Excel tool now properly imports a new players' name.

13. Replaced the Birth Date field with Age.

14. Added the Draft Results By Position report. This report can be accessed from the drop-down list of the Reports button on the main toolbar, or from the League->Reports->Draft Results By Position menu option. This report is useful when you want to analyze your draft for positional trends in certain round.

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