Complete player lists in version 1.02

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Complete player lists in version 1.02

Post by tdishman » Mon Jun 14, 2004 7:59 am

As promised, a new version of Master Draft is soon to be released (version 1.02). This new version has several small fixes in it, but the biggest addition are complete offensive and defensive player lists (including rookies, trades, and free agent signings).

Every player (excluding team defense) has the following information:

Position (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DL, LB, DB)
Age (in years)
Experience (in years)

If you have leagues that you've already created with Master Draft, you can easily add the missing players to your league after you update to version 1.02:

1. Open your existing league that you want to update.
2. Click the "League->Import/Update Players From->Another Master Draft File" menu option.
3. Browse to the Templates folder (by default, the Templates folder is located at C:\Program Files\Master Draft 2004\Templates).
4. Open the "10 Team League.mlg" file that was installed with version 1.02.
5. On the General tab, make sure the "Add players when necessary" checkbox is checked.
6. On the Advanced tab, set the "Update Points To" value to "(skip)".
7. Click OK.

This will make your league player list current with rookies and free agent signings. You must repeat the above process for each of your leagues.

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