Release Notes - Master Draft 2004 version 1.06

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Release Notes - Master Draft 2004 version 1.06

Post by tdishman » Thu Aug 05, 2004 12:07 pm

Release Notes for Master Draft 2004 version 1.06

Reports were the major focus of this release. I've added 3 new reports that you can use to analyze your league.

1. Added the Draft Results By Round report. This report is just like the Draft Results by Position report, but groups the draft by round instead of position.

2. Added the Team Roster Analysis report. This report uses your league starters (including flex players) and compares the rosters of each owner.

3. Fixed a bug that would not let you delete a Starter.

4. Added the Player ADP Analysis report. This report compares all players to their ADP value (when assigned). Players who are ranked higher than their ADP value are assigned positive (+) values, and players who are ranked lower then their ADP value are assigned negative (-) values.

5. Fixed the popup-menu in the Teams list. Previously there was a separate menu item for the Team Profile, now you just click on the Team name (just like the Player and Owner popup-menus).

6. Added league position totals to the Owners List. The column headers for each position will show the # drafted and the # still needed.

7. Fixed an issue where importing from the Masters List Data file (.mld) caused duplicate rookies to appear. The problem was that Office 97 exports the .mld file and replaces the ® with an "r", and Office 2000 replaces the ® with a ?. Master Draft worked with the Office 2000 version, but not with the Office 97 version.

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