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Report Quirks in Master Draft

Post by tdishman » Tue Aug 10, 2004 6:05 am

As often as I can, I load Master Draft on "virgin" computers to make sure everything works as expected.

Last night I setup Master Draft on a "clean" Win2K machine (no service packs or Windows Updates), and found a few glitches that were easily taken care of.

One in particular was this goofy bug I encountered when I ran the ADP Analysis Report. The report worked just fine for the QB's, but all the other positions were empty.

I didn't check many other reports to see if they worked, but rather fixed the problem instead. The problem turned out to be that I had an [older] version of the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) installed. I use these components to manipulate the player data while I generate the reports. Evidently the old MDAC objects don't react the same way as the new MDAC objects do, so the outcome was a little wacky.

To fix this (and other problems), I downloaded MDAC 2.8 from the site ... laylang=en.

After installing this new MDAC, everything worked great.

So, if you're having any quirky problems with reports, try this fix and see if it helps. This updated MDAC will be included in the next version of the full installer for Master Draft.

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